Kanjō for photographers

The profession

Photographers who run a studio often have their hands full and find themselves constantly in the position of photographer, receptionist, makeup artist, janitor and accountant. They often have to manage their own staff, their customers, their marketing, their administration.

The benefits of using Kanjō

• Reduced billing time
• Optimization of time when creating monthly reports (GST/QST reports, source deductions, etc.)

How Kanjō saves photographers time

One of Kanjō’s strengths is its speed of operation: when the customer and the products already exist, it takes 4 seconds to create an invoice. When a client comes out of his photo session with his 3 children who have more than enough, he does not want to wait 20 minutes before we produce his bill and make him pay. It must happen quickly, and Kanjō allows it.