Easy, easy !

Payroll is very easy with Kanjō. Since managing employees can be a difficult task, we have made it easier for you. You can choose the source deductions that you need, and determine vacation rates for each employee. We have also included resources to help you in the “Learn” section. Note that payroll deductions are not calculated automatically in the software. Since the rates change every year, you must go and check the rates yourself in the official tables of government. Kanjō calculates the totals and cumulatives for you for each deduction, as well as the accumulated vacation percentages. It also allows you to easily summarize source deductions and T4s / statements 1 at the end of the year.

  • Payroll Search by date, or employee name
  • Configuration of revenue types
  • Configuration of government deductions as well as private associations and benefits
  • Automatic dates
  • Payments and references
  • Payment lock