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Software licenses

License for Mac +10.9.5, Windows 7 SP1+ and Linux 32bits

Kanjo Standard
Full license including multiple reports, basic payroll module and unlimited transactions

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Kanjo eXpress
Intermediate license including basic financial reports; number of customers, products and suppliers in limited quantity

97.00 $ Read More

Kanjo Lite
Basic license for occasional billing

31.00 $ Read More

Kanjo Rézo
For a growing business, allowing simultaneous uses of the Kanjō Standard licence

492.00 $ Read More

Annual renewal

Software update plan renewable annually

Kanjō Standard annual renewal

60.00 $ Read More

Kanjō eXpress annual renewal

25.00 $ Read More

Kanjo Lite annual renewal

8.00 $ Read More

Kanjo Rézo annual renewal

123.00 $ Read More


License for Mac +10.9.5, Windows 7 SP1+ et Linux 32bits, renewable annually

Project Management for Billing, Estimate, Order, Expense and Payroll

198.00 $ Read More

Support plans

Renewable annually


3 hours of support via TeamViewer ™, by appointment.

265.00 $ / year Add to cart


12 hours of support via TeamViewer ™, by appointment.

780.00 $ / year Add to cart

25 hours of support via TeamViewer™, by appointment.

1125.00 $ / year Add to cart

Custum Support
billed per minute

86.00 $ Add to cart

Group and private courses

Starting class
1 hour with a technician via TeamViewer ™

94.00 $ Add to cart

Group class
3 hours of lecture at our Montreal offices; price per person

110.00 $ Add to cart

Private class
2 hours of lecture at our Montreal offices

187.00 $ Add to cart

Services and supplies

Custom template

150.00 $ Add to cart

Configuration for Cloud Backup
Via Dropbox™, Google Drive™, OneDrive™ ou iCloud™ (per computer)

75.00 $ Add to cart

First start
Implementation of your accounting with Kanjo

94.00 $ Add to cart

Importing data
Import customers, suppliers or products. Price by section

90.00 $ Read More

Kanjō checks
(by 50 checks)

265.00 $ / year Add to cart

For accountants

License for Mac +10.9.5, Windows 7 SP1 + and Linux 32bits, renewable annually

Kanjō Pro
Renewal ($ 250 / year)

250.00 $ / year Add to cart