License comparison






- Fonctionne autant sur Mac que Windows check check check check check
- Version iOS (mobile) à venir ! à venir !
Multilingue : Anglais, Français
- Descriptions multilingues des produits check check check check check
- Gestion de la langue par client check check check check check
Module Clients
- Nombre maximum de clients illimité 10 50 illimité illimité
- Groupes et catégories pour organiser les clients check check check
- Historique de ventes par client check check check check
Module Produits
- Nombre maximum de produits illimité 10 50 illimité illimité
- Historique des coûtants par produit check check check
- Historique des ventes et achats pour chaque produit check check check
Module Facturation
- Bons de commande check check check
- Estimés / Soumissions check check check check
Module Fournisseurs & dépenses
- Nombre maximum de fournisseurs illimité 10 50 illimité illimité
- Gestion des dépenses check check check check check
- Historique d’achats check check check
- Taxes personnalisées check check check check
- Inscription des paies check check check
- Production et impression des DAS, T4 et Relevé 1 check check check
- Sommaire des retenues à la source check check check
Rapports financiers
- Bilan check check check check
- Rapports de performance check check check
- Rapport de taxes TPS/TVQ check check check check
- Comptes recevables & payables check check check
- Nombre maximal d'utilisateurs illimité 1 3 illimité illimité
- Nombre simultané d'utilisateurs 1 1 1 1 illimité
- Accès gratuit pour votre comptable check check check check check
Soutien technique
- Documentation en ligne [?] check check check check check
Support pour installation check






Need support?

We have, for every licence, different service plan to help you.

Which version fits you best?

Trial Version (free for 30 days)


The trial version allows you to test all the features available with Kanjō for 30 days.  You’ll get to know the software, create some invoices, print reports, add some clients, and you’ll soon wonder how you were ever able to live without it !

Also, when you decide to buy the software, all the data you have entered will be stored and transferred to the real version, so you will not have to re-enter everything twice.

Lite Version1a8ca63bfb28dc27d834014997f1a4a3

This version is for self-employed people or start-up companies that do not have yet a big turnover, but want to start on the right foot. You will be able to list your first customers, bill them, manage your expenses and have access to sales and purchases reports. At any time, you will be able to upgrade your version by keeping all your data. You will also have access to our online User’s Guide that will guide you step by step, as well as our forum, which will answer the most frequently asked questions.

Fast shipmenteXpress Version

Your business runs a little more, you charge taxes to your customers and require a few more features, such as estimates, the list of accounts receivable and year-end reports. You can have up to 3 users per license who can connect to your business (non-simultaneous connections).

backpackStandard Version

You have employees, many customers, a good turnover and require a complete accounting software with performance reports and taxes, purchase orders, inventory management, and payroll management. Up to 10 users can connect to the software (non-simultaneous connections). It should be noted that several new features will be added in the coming months for this version.

terre-bleueRezo Version

This version allows several users to connect at the same time. Multiple users can connect to the company at any time, from any computer, Mac or PC. You will have access to the same functions as the standard version, but everyone will be connected through an internal network or via internet. It is possible for one of our technicians to help you with the installation of an internal or external server.

ceo-business-executives-corporateVersion for accountants


Two options are available to you.

If your client already has a Kanjō license, then it’s free for you. You can log in with his/her license at no cost, and have access to all the data, or enter some it yourself.

If, on the other hand, your customer does not have a license, and you would like to enter their data yourself in Kanjō, the Kanjō Pro version is available to you. It allows you to create as many licenses as you want, for each of your customers, so that you manage their own data.

We have made an explanatory page just for you for this purpose. You can also contact us by email, or make a phone appointment for more information. • 514-447-1837

kanjo-ipad-iosMobile Version (coming soon…)

Version for iPhone, iPad and Android, coming soon!