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Payroll calculations

Although this website is not an official government site,  it offers a great and fast way to calculate deductions.  You simply have to validate it once with official government tables (but so far, it’s always been very accurate)

Find an accountant

It’s been hard finding a reliable and good accountant? We have a great partnership program to help you find the perfect match.

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Share our screen or yours with TeamViewer ™

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Sometimes, it is not easy to understand which window you have to close or on which button you need to click, when getting support over the phone.  Instead, install TeamViewer, a software that allows you to view our screen and follow the mouse movements, in real time, which will help you better understand the technician explanations.

... ou share yours!

If you have a technical problem and can’t describe it properly, TeamViewer will also allow us to see your screen in a totally secure and temporary way, since you control the access completely.  Show us the problem, we will show you the solution.