HTML at your service

htmliconKanjō produces its reports and invoices thanks to HTML. Let’s skip the technicalities with XML and XSL, and let’s go back to the good old HTML. What is it ? That’s what you’re reading right now! The web page that your phone or computer has just fetched from the internet is the result of HTML. Very malleable, we can draw the design of your invoices because of it. It also allows you to make data tables, which can then be pasted into MS Excel ™ or Numbers ™ while keeping the hierarchy.

Custom print template?

Who can create you a custom printing template? Just about any website integrator / programmer. And of course, us. Contact us for a quote.
Nerdy pals

  • Print left lists (main panel)
    • print column configuration
  • Printing reports
  • Invoice printing
  • Bid Printing
  • Order Printing
  • Check printing
  • Payroll printing
  • HTML export
  • PDF export (Mac)

Templates included

We add to each version (well, almost), create it’s fun 🙂

Envoyez-nous votre design, et nous l’intégrerons à votre Kanjō pour seulement 99$

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