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Does my license allow me to have more than one computer running Kanjō?

In fact, Kanjō’s licenses are assigned per company, not by computer, so you can install it as many times as you like, on as many different computers as you want. Of course, there is an automatic activation that validates the information with our server. You can install it on 100,000 billion computers, it will be our pleasure to help you. Note, however, that you will need to install your database on one server and use the Rezo version to access the same data from one workstation to another.

If you have several companies, you have to buy a license for each one of them.

Does my accountant need to buy a license?

If he/she connects to the database of your company, no 🙂

Basically, it’s free for accountants, bookkeepers, or slave trainees because they use your license to access your data.

Where are all my data and information?

There are 3 types of configurations for managing your data:

  • In your computer (and it does not move from there)
  • On a copy on the Cloud service of your choice, with your private account
  • On your server, over the internet or intranet

The default configuration creates a database in your computer. If you have not activated any data sharing system on your Mac or PC, this data will remain on your computer. Of course, one must protect oneself and use the computer cautiously against malicious software (virus and Trojan horse) and always make backups.

When we talk about copying on the cloud, it’s a backup of your data outside your computer, on another server accessible via internet (for example, Dropbox), and a very good protection if your computer is stolen or renders its soul (you are 100000% responsible for the integrity of your data, according to the government, and the excuse that your computer is dead is not accepted). So if you do not synchronize online, we strongly recommend that you make a very regular backup of your accounting and keep a copy of it outside your premises. Contact one of our technicians to set up the cloud.

Regarding data on a web server or intranet (internally), you must have a Rézo ™license and then have it installed by one of our technicians. Such a configuration will allow you to be several people at the same time working on your accounting. If you install it on a web server, you can even use it in China and even in Paris! Convenient if your clientele is international and you are often on the road.

Can I erase an invoice?

Unfortunately no !

because the law forbids it. As many people know, the tax law is a totalitarian law and very, very very severe.

Article 34.1 specifies that you cannot change your accounting data.

Article 34.2 specifies that we may not sell, give or distribute software that modifies the data.

You must therefore reverse an invoice to cancel it, that is to say register the reverse operations (in negative) then redo a new one. You can consult our Documentation for details.

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