Sharing the database

For larger companies, the Kanjō Rezo license allows you to share your database among all your employees. You install it on one of your servers internally, and several users can then connect to it, simultaneously. An ideal way to share your data with your accountant, too.

Kanjo Rézo ™: data server

xserve-hostingFor those who are less comfortable with servers, with a Kanjo Rézoπ license, you can request a custom installation by one of our technicians. You will benefit from the Kanjō power throughout your company.

Connect everything.

Yes, all ! Kanjo is 100% compatible, no matter what your platform is. A PC with a Mac, a Windows with a Linux, or a cat with a dog. They may be making faces, but they are connecting !


  • Internal server version
  • Multi-users
  • Simultaneous connections

Request a custom installation on your server by one of our technicians.