Kanjō for electricians

The Job

When an electrician, or any construction contractor, arrives at a customer’s location, it is important to carefully evaluate and detail the work to be done, in order to make a quote as complete and accurate as possible.

The list of products and materials needed, as well as the required working time must be well detailed for the customer.

The benefits of using Kanjō

• Ability to create very detailed product lists
• Creation of quotes later transformed into invoices once approved

How Kanjō saves electricians time

Kanjō allows you to create product lists tailored to your requirements. You can create a general product, such as “professional fees” if that’s enough for you, as you can subdivide them into “plumber fees”, “electrician”, “plasterer”, “management”, etc. Adapt your accounting according to the precision you want to give it, and create more or less detailed quotes, depending on your type of business.

With the future ipad / iphone version of Kanjō, you will also be able to submit  quotes in real time to your customer,via your phone or tablet.