Kanjō for a physical therapy clinic

The job

Physiotherapy clinics generally have a large turnover of clients and staff. Dozens of appointments a day, treatments made by a variety of specialists. Some are part-time, others full-time, some work days, evenings or weekends.

It is often difficult to track and manage payroll for each of these people, and the task of preparing T4s at the end of the year can be very long when the team is big.

The advantages of using Kanjō

• Easy payroll management
• Vacation tracking and cumulative deductions
• Time optimization when creating annual pay reports (T4, RL-1)

How Kanjō can save time for professionals

The bigger the work team, the more difficult the management of employees can be. Preparing paychecks each week can take a phenomenal amount of time, and the end of the year is often a nightmare for many.

Even if Kanjō does not calculate payroll deductions automatically, it manages all the cumulative amounts of each deduction, as well as the total accumulated vacation. Preparing the reports of source deductions contributions (S.D.C.) takes only a few clicks, and the end of the year (T4 and statements 1), a few moments.