Kanjō for accountants

The profession

In spite of all our arguments, perhaps accounting still frightens you and you prefer to leave it to your accountant to take care of it. Kanjō allows you to easily share your data with him/her, while keeping track of your finances yourself.

For you, accountants, Kanjō is free and you only have to connect to your client’s database to access his figures. Access the data of 5, 20, 100 customers if you want, all at no charge.

The benefits of using Kanjō

• Easy sharing of data between accountants and customers
• Real-time monitoring of financial developments by simply logging into the customer database

How Kanjō saves time for accountants

For clients who only want to do part of the accounting job and leave the rest to the accountant, Kanjō is perfect.

Mr. can log in his invoices and expenses, and his accountant can then connect to the database and produce the monthly GST-QST report. Mrs. can prepare weekly payrolls of employees, the accountant can then produce the SDC report.

Share the tasks as you see fit, according to everyone’s needs.

Dear accountants, do not wait any longer after your client to send you the summary of their expenses, you have access to all the data yourself.