Kanjo for accountants

It’s free for accountants and bookkeepers *

If your client already has a Kanjō license, you can then access all of his/her data, free of charge, since the licenses are assigned by company, not by computers, or persons. You can also enter new data yourself. This is our way of helping you work with your customers who already use Kanjō. And it’s also our way of telling you that we love you, accountants (even those who wear brown stockings !: P)

* If your client does not have a Kanjo license, you will have to buy the Kanjō Pro version.

How your Pro license works

If your customers do not already have a Kanjo license, and you would like to manage data through our software, the Kanjō Pro version is available to you. You can create as many licenses as you have customers, and you will have full accounting access to the software. In summary, everything related to the reports and the chart of accounts is unlocked for you, as well as other reserved operations. Note that your license must be activated manually, preceded by the verification of your title. The Pro license is renewable annually.

You read that right, free technical support!

We offer the same support and the same quality of service to everyone. However, as an accountant, you do not pay for it. Our technical support system works by appointment. Send us an email to book.

List of accountants and bookkeepers for Kanjō Customers

Do you remember the first tab? We love you ! So we advertise your services with pleasure 🙂 If you want to be listed in the section “Need an accountant”, contact us without delay!

Contact us for all the details

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