Kanjo for graphic designers, computer graphics, typographers

The profession

Freelance graphic designers, computer graphics, or typographers who work from home often do not have very complex accounting, and basic software would suit them perfectly for their needs. The Xpress version of Kanjō is perfect for them, offering them the basic features, without complicating their life with modules they do not need.

The benefits of using Kanjō

• Adaptation of the software according to your needs
• Upgradeable with no data loss when your business grows

How Kanjo makes life easier for graphic designers

Invoicing and expenses module, a limited amount of products and customers, payments tacking, that’s what satisfy most freelance infographers.

No need for employee or payroll management, or a network connection for multiple employees. Kanjō adapts to everyone’s needs and size.

Is your business getting bigger and now need more features? No problem, upgrade the software without losing your existing data.