Kanjō for computer geeks

The profession

Computer technicians often have a variety of items, cables, electronic parts, and so on, to repair or update the computers of their customers.

Kanjo’s inventory system allows them to keep track of how many items they have left in inventory, keep track of what has been ordered and what need to be ordered, and make sure they’re not missing anything. .

The benefits of using Kanjō

• Effective inventory tracking
• Track products ordered, to order, received or pending

How Kanjō saves time for IT technicians

Who ordered what, where, when, how much? Sometimes it becomes difficult to navigate, especially if you are more than one to order from suppliers.

With Kanjo’s Purchases Management System, you can note which products were ordered, when, and when the order arrives, you can validate quantities, add them to the inventory and transfer them directly into your expenses. An effective follow-up, which allows you to find everything easily.